SBA 504 Loan Interest Rates

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25-Year Fixed Rate Standard: 2.582%
1st Five Yrs: 2.475%; Note Rate: 1.188%

25-Year Fixed Rate Refinance: 2.623%
1st Five Yrs: 2.513%; Note Rate: 1.188%

 20-Year Fixed Rate Standard: 2.553%
1st Five Yrs: 2.426%; Note Rate: 1.101%

20-Year Fixed Rate Refinance: 2.596%
1st Five Yrs: 2.465%; Note Rate: 1.101%

10-Year Fixed Rate Standard: 2.468%
1st Five Yrs: 2.276%; Note Rate: 0.728%

10-Year Fixed Rate Refinance: 2.520%
1st Five Yrs: 2.322%; Note Rate: 0.728%

Full-term rates shown; includes all servicing fees

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SBA 504 Loan Program for Realtors & Brokers

Looking for a Sales Edge? We Can Help You Close More Deals and Earn More Commissions.

Imagine having a financing tool at your disposal that can help you close more commercial real estate deals and earn more commissions quickly and easily. The SBA 504 Loan Program offered through Florida First Capital is just such a tool.

The 504 Loan Program is designed specifically for small business owners desiring to grow and expand through the purchase of commercial real estate. The program’s low down payments (10% in most cases) and affordable terms can make real estate ownership a reality for small business owners, allowing you to get your clients into their own buildings faster.

Florida First Capital can help you lower the barriers to commercial real estate ownership. If your client is expanding, opening additional locations or building a new facility, we can help.

504 Loan Program Benefits

  • Attract more buyers with up to 90% financing at below-market, fixed interest rates (no ARMS).
  • 10-, 20- and 25-year amortization terms available (no balloons).
  • Associated fees and soft costs can be financed in the loan, minimizing out-of-pocket costs.
  • Projects from $125,000 to $20 million+.
  • Many 504 loans can be completed in 60 days, which is just as fast as a conventional loan. Pre-approval can occur within 24 to 48 hours, with commitments in days, not weeks.
  • Make a deal happen that might not have worked with conventional financing.

The Florida First Capital Advantage

  • Full service offices throughout Florida staffed by experienced professionals ensure you the best and most complete service the industry has to offer.
  • We take care of all communications, paperwork, coordination of project participants, underwriting, closing and servicing of the loan for its life.
  • Simultaneous closings for straight acquisition projects.

Florida First Capital has helped thousands of clients achieve their small business dreams through the SBA 504 Loan Program. We are the experts to turn to for 504 small business financing.

No other Certified Development Company is as committed to the success of its customers than Florida First Capital. And no other Certified Development Company strives to make the entire loan process as helpful, quick and easy as us. You can count on our staff to deliver the best and most complete service the industry has to offer.

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